Gourmet report


Gourmet report NO.06 Horse lever sashimi


「Today I came here to enjoy horse lever sashimi.」

「Can I have this horse lever sashimi?」


「And please bring any sake which matches to this.」

「Certainly. I will bring it.」

How is horse lever sashimi and sake...?

「Excuse me, here is horse lever sashimi. And this is the sauce made by sesame oil and salt. For the first bite, please enjoy horse lever sashimi itself.」

「Really? No sauce?」

「No sauce. Then you can enjoy the taste itself. It doesn’t smell at all, so it is easy to eat for ladies also.」

「I see.」

I will enjoy itself first.

「Well,…it doesn’t smell at all and easier to eat than I expected! It is delicious!」

With sauce for next!

「To eat with sauce make better the sweetness of it self. This salty taste and lever’s taste matched very well.」

What is the point about horse lever sashimi?

「This is sent directly from Koga farm in Kumamoto by the most fasted route. That’s why you can enjoy it fresh.」

The recommended sake

「Excuse me, here is a recommended sake.」


「This sake is Daiginjo from Kitaya.」

「 Daiginjo!~!」

What’s the taste of sake?

「This is very fruity! It is easy to drink and aromatic. I think it is easy for ladies to drink.」

「This sake is not on our menu.」

「Really? It’s not on the menu?」

「Yes, this is secret menu like it is known by limited guest.」

「This sake is from Yame city, Fukuoka.….」


「This got the first prize in 2013 for world best sake.」

「Wow! That’s great!~!?」

「 This sake and lever sashimi matched very well. Fruity sake and fresh lever sashimi showed best combination. Thank you!」