Gourmet report


Gourmet repot NO.04 Beef Cheek stew


「Today, I will recommend particular dish as regular guest at ICHIFUJI.」

「I always order this beef cheek stew before I enjoy MOTSUNABE.」

「Can I have beef cheek stew?」

「Yes, as always. I will bring it right away」


What is beef cheek stew?

「Excuse me, thank you for waiting, here is beef cheek stew.」

「Please enjoy while it is warm. I recommend you to eat with this mustard.」

「Thank you.」

「Yay! This is the one♪」

Let’s eat!

「美味しいです!すごく柔らかくて、ほんとに他のお店とかでは食べれない。 まず鍋の前は絶対コレを食べます。」


「It takes time to cook, like 3 hours.」

「3 hours・・・」

「Yes, we boil it for 3 hours and after that, we put the soup and boil again for an hour. That makes the beef cheek melty and very soft and tasty.」

What I noticed is・・・

「I think Shochu can match very well. Can I order your recommended dish?」

「Can I? Then, I will bring some kinds that I think it would be match, so please compare their taste..」

「Yes please♪」


What is the recommended shochu?

「Thank you for waiting. I brought 2 kinds.」

「2Wow, 2 kinds.」

「Yes, I brought Otomi and Aira. You can enjoy them only in Fukuoka.다」

그Lets compare them. 「Otomi」 first

「This is light and easy to drink. This is fruity and good for ladies.」

「Aira」 for next

「It smells like potato. The taste is spicy and I suggest it’s liked by any ages and for men and women.」

「I enjoyed beef cheek stew. Thank you.」