Gourmet report


Gourmet report NO.05 MOTSUNABE soy sauce


「Today, I’m here to enjoy MOTSUNABE.」

「I will choose soy sauce from these three choices.」

「Can I have soy sauce MOTSUNABE?」

「Yes, certainly.」


「Thank you for waiting, this is soy sauce MOTSUNABE for two.」

「Thank you」

Let’s eat!

「It’s delicious! Soy sauce is good.」
「It is very tasty and delicious.」

「This meat is thick but when I bite it, I know it’s soft.」
「Soy sauce taste is light.」

「It’s good.」
「It’s delicious.」

What is the point for soy aucee?

「Each time when we take the order, we serve the fresh soup which is cooked on that day.」
「We took a time and tried many ways to find the best soy sauce MOTSUNABE.」


「Thank you.」

They care about more things...

「For miso soup, we use shredded garlic. But for the soy sauce you enjoyed today, it doesn’t contain any garlic.」

「For the reason why we didn’t put garlic in soy sauce, the garlic can bother the taste of soy sauce’s good characteristic. That’s why we use sliced garlic.」

After enjoyed NABE..

「What do you recommend after NABE?」

「I recommend you Zosui. It is light taste and the rice absorb the soup and it is great taste.」

Let’s eat!

「It matches well with soy sauce and very delicious. Sesame is good to eat with.」

「It is delicious.」

If you try to eat with yuzu pepper...

「Yuzu matched well with soy sauce. 」
「Yuzu makes Zosui more light taste.」

「I enjoyed soy sauce MOTSUNABE. Thank you!」

「I will come back!」