Gourmet report


Gourmet report NO.09 Cold Deep fried chicken


「Today, at our favorite reataurant, Ichifuji, we came to eat cold deep fried chicken.」

(son)「Yey! Cold deep friend chicken!」

(son)「Excuse me?」


(son)「Can I have a cold deep friend chicken?」

「Yes, I take an order for cold deep friend chicken. Please wait for a moment.」

「Thank you.」

What is cold deep friend chicken?

「Excuse me, here is your order.」

(son)「Yes! Yay!」

「Here is our cold deep friend chicken.」

「Thank you.」

Let’s eat


(son)「It is cold! Delicious!」

「For adults, it’s good to eat with sake, and for kids, if we put a hot pepper aside, they love it. It is cold, so I feel like we can eat a lot and it is good point for this.」

「Since when you have this cold deep fried chicken? 」

「Well, since we open the west street branch, we started to include it in our menu, so almost 2 years it is in our menu.」

「Oh, It’s from 2 years ago.」

「2 years ago, cold deep friend chicken became one of the popular menu in Hakata, so our chef suggested us to include it in our menu.」

Why it is so delicious?

「To take 20 minutes to fry it, the inside of chicken also becomes crispy. At the end we pour the sweet and hot sauce.」

Great service!

「Do you still want to eat something?」
「What do you wanna eat?」
(son)「Egg omelette.」
「Egg omelett? Ok, let’s order it. Can I have egg omelette?」

「Yes, I will bring it right away.」


(son)「Yay Yay」

「It looks very delicious!」

They served egg omelette even it is not on menu!

(son)「It’s delicious! Good!」

「It is great that if we can order something besides menu for kids. Is there any other menu that we can order?」

「Well, if we have ingredients, we can try to cook it. We can do, for example, rice ball. Even it is not on the menu, you can ask us if we can do it. If you order egg omelette, we can. We can also put cod egg inside the omelette if you want it.」

「I see.」

Please relax with kids!

「Thank you for cold deep friend chicken and egg omelet.」