Gourmet report


Gourmet report NO.12 White Senmai and Smoked Horse sashimi


「Today, we came ICHIFUJI to try new menu, White Senmai and Smoked Horse sashimi!」

「First, we are going to try white senmai, which is popular as vinegar motsu.」

「Can I get white Senmai?」

「Yes, please wait for a moment.」


「Excuse me, Thank you for waiting. Here is white senmai. This is sauce. Please enjoy with our original SUMISO or sesame and salt sauce.」

「Let’s eat!」

「I will try with SUMISO.」
「I will try with sesame oil.」

「This is very delicious!!」

「It has crunchy and tasty.」
「It doesn’t smell and easy to eat.」

「It has very refreshing taste and easy to eat.」
「Sesami oil has very good sesami scent and delicious.」


「What is the difference of White senmai and standard senmai?」

「What’s the color of standar senmai?」

「It’s grey-ish…」

「Yes, it is grey color. This is white. The reason why it is white is, the standard senmai has a grey skin, but this white one has peeled off the skin....」

「The skin has the bad smell and leaves the bad taste in your mouth. After we peel of that skin, the taste will be good and it becomes smooth. That is white senmai.」

「ICHIFUJI’s speciality is Vinegar motsu and Nabe, but we say that we should include White senmai as our speciality also.」


「Smoked horse sashimi is also new menu, right?」

「Yes, it is. At the same time that we our white senmai in our menu, we also had smoked horse sashimi. It’s good to eat with sake. May I offer you with sake?」

「Yes please!」


「Thank you for waiting.」


「I don’t know if you know this sake already because it is famous, but this sake is called Dassai. It is easy to drink and it’s also popular for ladies. I’m planning to introduce Higashiichi for this time.」


「Let’s eat!」

「I will eat with Shichimi Mayo.」
「I will eat just itself.」

「It tastes great!」
「Yeah, it is delicious!」

「The unique smell in my mouth.」
「It is good to eat with Shichimi mayo.」


「I will try Dassai」
「I will tri Higashiichi」

「Yes, it is good to eat with sake.」

「This sake is fruity and matched well with the smell of smoke.」


「Koga farm focus on the quality for horse sashimi. Koga farm makes smoked horse sashimi and its taste like prosciutto or dried salami. The taste is spicy, so it matched to sake. That is the most important thing. I hope it will be popular to be a side menu of sake.」

「White senmai and smoked horse sashimi was very delicious! Thank you!」