Gourmet report


Gourmet report NO.02 Horse sashimi


「I came to enjoy horse sashimi at MOTSUNABE ICHIFUJI.」

「I’d like to order beer at the beginning but today, I want to enjoy extra high quality marbled horse sashimi and high quality of horse sashimi.」

「Can I have extra high quality marbled hose sashimi and high quality of horse sashimi?」


How is hose sashimi?

「Thank you for waiting」

「This is high quality of horse sashimi. Here is extra high quality of marbled horse sashimi.」

Let’s eat high quality of hose sashimi first!

「It’s delicious! It’s different I used to try. First, I though it is hard but it is soft like fish sashimi.」

「Wow it’s very soft! High quality sashimi was soft, but this extra quality one is more soft!」

What is the point of horse sashimi?

「We carefully check the freshness. It is directly sent from the farm and it is very fresh and that’s why it doesn’t smell.」

How to get the fresh one?

「We choose from Koga farm in Kumamoto. We only get the horse which is 100% made in Japan. Usually, how they mention it is from Kumamoto is, they take a horse from other place and feed them only for a few months. And then they say it is from Kumamoto...

「But at Koga farm, they take care the horses since they born at their place and for 3 years, they feed them with the food 100% made in Japan. That’s why it doesn’t smell and very fresh.」

What’s the difference between high quality horse sashimi and extra high quality marbled horse sashimi?

「The big difference is parts. If we make an example with tuna, it’s like the difference between Akami and Otoro. Akami is more light and thick. If you like to eat meat, recommend you to eat Akami.

And with marbled horse sashimi, its more fatty, so it is melty and sweet. People say they’ve never had like this horse sashimi. I can recommend you this extra high quality marbled horse sashimi with very much confidence.」

「Thank you for high quality horse sashimi and extra high quality horse sashimi. They were great!」