Gourmet report


Gourmet report NO.03 Vinegar MOTSU


「Today, I came to enjoy vinegar MOTSU at MOTSUNABE ICHIFUJI.」

「Today I enjoy vinegar MOTSU which regular guests always order.」

「Can I order vinegar MOTSU?」

「Yes, please wait for a moment.」


「Thank you for waiting.」

「Here is our recommended menu, vinegar MOTSU. Please enjoy with yuzu pepper. It makes more delicious.」

Let’s eat

「It’s soft!!!」

「I had vinegar MOTSU at some places but this is the softest and very tasty!」

What is the point of vinegar MOTSU!?

「The part we use is different from other restaurants. We use a part from rectum.Only 300g can be taken from more than a hundred kilogram cow.

We cut it thin to make it easier to absorb the great taste. That’s why it has very different taste from others.」

With Yuzu pepper

「It’s delicious! It smells good yuzu flavor and also spicy. If you like yuzu, you will love it.」

What’s the point of yuzu pepper?!?

「It is not made by machine, it’s hand made (not paste). So some parts are still remained and that’s why you can enjoy yuzu flavor and spice. You can only enjoy it at our restaurant because it is handmade.

「Actually, I think yuzu pepper was very delicious but there is another dish which is good. Can I bring it here?」

「Yes, please.」

Another recommendation

「Cold tofu!」

「Cod tofu?」

「Yes, it is good with yuzu pepper.」

Let’s eat yuzu pepper and cold tofu.

「It’s delicious. It matches well. I didn’t know that yuzu pepper and cold tofu matches well like this.」

「Vinegar MOTSU was also delicious. Thank you.」