Gourmet report


Gourmet report NO.07 Grilled Hakata ICHIBANDORI chicken


「Today, I came here to enjoy one of their dish at MOTSUNABE ICHIFUJI.」

「I came here to enjoy one of the recommended dish. Can I have?」

「Yes, today, we are planning to serve you grilled HAKATA ICHIBAN chicken.」


What is griled Hakata ICHIBAN chicken?

「Thank you for waiting, here is grilled HAKATA ICHIBAN chicken.」

「Thank you.」

「The meat is soft but the skin is crispy and it’s delicious!」

「The sauce is light and the garlic chips on the top has great accent. It is light taste but spicy and very tasty.」

「Hakata ICHIBAN chiken is one of the famous chicken from Hakata and it is muscular, so it is not too soft and not too hard. It is fatty. When we cook, we broil the skin, so it is crispy but the meat is juicy and tasty.

It is very important how fresh it is. We use HAKATA ICHIBAN chicken or the chicken from the morning.」

What is the sauce?

「We make the sauce with ponzu. We also put yuzu pepper and perila, so it tastes fresh. It matched very well with meat, so that’s why it is very tasty.」

Why it is very popular?

「This menu used to a seasonal menu, but many guests requested to include this menu as regular menu.」

「I see.」


「Girlled Hakata ICHIBAN chiken was very delicious. Thank you.」