ICHIFUJI provides its own taste
to national dinner tables

Our most popular menu is

Our original blended miso is made by hand for each process
You can enjoy this thick and tasty soup only at this restaurant.
Garlic is necessary for the soup
We chose garlic from Aomori because it matched well to our Miso
It makes you that you to never forget that taste.
To add the good one from Kyushu (it depends on the season),
the soup from vegetables and Kuroge Wagyu Beef Motsu make ICHIFUJI MOTSUNABE to be the best Nabe.

Staple menu with soy sauce

To make the tasty soup, leave the kelp in the soup for a day and add bonito.
For dashi, we use kelp and dried bonito shaving.
Different from Miso, to put sliced garlic, which is from Aomori, into the soy sauce Nabe, the flavor is soft and it is very tasty.
And also add one from Kyushu (it is depend on the season).
That makes the great Soy sauce MOTSUNABE with the juice of vegetables and Kuroge Wagyu Beef Motsu.

ICHIFUJI MOTSUNABE’s original style
『central kitchen』

We serve our best dishes with confidence and everything starts from here.
We care about the process of cook, the secret recipe, the safety of food,
and the taste very well to keep having our ICHIFUJI’s original taste.

All process is done by hand at ICHIFUJI and we do not use any machine.
That is why we can serve you the best dishes.
Our kitchen staff, sales staff, service staff, every each staff thinks that is the best hospitality
and every staff have the confidence to serve our dished to the guests.